list of powder coating companies in india
Automobiles, bicycle frames, household appliances: powder-coated products can be seen almost everywhere around us. The number of powder coating companies in India is growing massively due to industrialization and fast urbanization, attracting many foreign direct investments. This places India as …Continue reading
List of India Jewelry Manufacturers (10 Picks)
Jewelry and decorative ornaments have been made in India from around 2300 to 1750 BCE, and there is evidence that Indian craftsmen had mastered jewelry-making from metals and pearls by the 4th–5th century CE as India was, for a long …Continue reading
List of Textile Testing Labs in South India (10 options)
印度是著名的纺织织物,服装和其他软线的来源。它与孟加拉国,越南,中国等其他生产商竞争。因此,印度也有很多纺织测试实验室……Continue reading
How To Find Trustworthy Chinese Suppliers

Let’s say you’re buying from China for the first time. Finding trustworthy Chinese suppliers will be near the top of your wishlist, as everyone has heard the horror stories of Chinese suppliers behaving badly. First, the bad news… There is never absolute …Continue reading

10 CNC Parts Manufacturers In Southern India
CNC parts from India are a viable alternative to those from China today, and many of the machine shops are situated in Southern India's Chennai in Tamil Nadu. CNC machined parts are very popular today for both rapid prototypes and …Continue reading
10 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers in India
There is no shortage of aluminum die casting suppliers in China to choose from, but if you're interested in diversifying your supply chain (and this is probably a good idea for many given the instability in the world since Covid …Continue reading
6 best Practices When Working With Contract Manufacturers In China

正如我们之前所写的,进口商有选择of supplier types when sourcing a manufacturer to outsource production to in China. Let’s assume that you’ve discounted working with an OEM or ODM, and your focus is on finding contract manufacturers …Continue reading

Can I trust Chinese steel products

这是由Unibond的技术总监Brad Pritts(我们的博客Qualite的技术总监Brad Pritts提交的来宾帖子,他经常为我的文章主题做出贡献。非常感谢Brad的内容……让我们…Continue reading

Are Suppliers We Find On And Trustworthy?

Periodically our customers inform us that they’ve found suppliers on online platforms like and and they’ve expressed their concern on more than one occasion about if they can trust them. These platforms certainly have pros and cons and …Continue reading

How To Find The Best Electronic Component Suppliers in China At The Best Price

A question we’re asked by SMEs who are trying to source electronic component suppliers in China is if it’s possible to find someone who can source suppliers who’re the ‘best’ in the market and also get the ‘best price’ possible. …Continue reading